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Petitions for Change

People with diabetes in the US are asking the government to step in and

reduce the rising cost of insulin.


Advocacy Coaching

Are you working to make changes in your community?

I have spent many years working as an advocate and now would love to share techniques,

ideas and things that work with you. 

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Diabetes in the News


Soaring insulin prices have diabetics feeling the pain


Great photographic journalism...Pump Strong


Medtronic expands their CGM to those on injections


Theresa's proof that my boy can do anything


Roche debuts MedTech needle-free way to monitor diabetes


Australian government proposing assistance for diabetes technology


Tech Savy families use Homemade diabetes devices


Advances in medical care linked to boom in Type 1 diabetes


American Girl has a hit with diabetes doll kit


Apple's first CareKit App for diabetes and depression


J&Js Medtech Diabetes Business face challenges


The cost of insulin has tripled in a decade


Living with diabetes is like being Sherlock Holmes every day


Scientist creating new diabetes devices


Type 1 diabetes life expectancy still 12 years short


I have Type 1 diabetes and it isn't because of my diet or exercise


Artificial Pump Makers Race to market


Exorbitant Diabetes Care Costs


Diabetes led to high-schooler's crash death


DTC unfair to some diabetics


Dog saves life of sleeping child with diabetes


Spare a rose this Valentines Day


Smart phone based system does the job of pancreas...cures Type 1 diabetes


Diabetic Ironman Athletes not stopped by their disease


Mannkind, Sanofi end inhaled insulin licensing pact


Surviving the war to fight diabetes as a refugee


OneTouch Verio sync first of big 4 to post to Apple Health


Celebrities help raise money for diabetes charity


Many schools failing at diabetes care




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The Latest News in Diabetes Research


c-peptide in Diabetes Management


Outcome Measures for Artificial Pancreas Clinical Trials


Randomized trial of dual hormone artificial pancreas with dosing adjustments vs no adjustments & sensor augmented pump


Dogs Can sniff out diabetes


Artificial pancreas protocol deemed safe for young children with diabetes


Babies with cold or flu before 6 months are more likely to develop type 1 diabetes


Solving the genetic mystery of type 1 diabetes


Researchers produce insulin producing beta cells in a dish


Type 1 diabetes cell therapy enrolls first patients


NICE guidance on Sensor Augmented Insulin Pumps


Scientists create painless patch of insulin producing beta cells


The next step in preventing Type 1 diabetes


Is Psychological stress a factor to incorporate into a closed loop system?

Sanofi and JDRF work together on breakthrough insulin


Insulin producing mini-stomachs.  A game changer for diabetes?


Watson-Powered Diabetes App predicts Hypoglycemia


Artificial Pancreas to undergo long-term clinical studies.


Type 1 diabetes NOT linked to Vitamin D concentrations


Intranasal Glucagon


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Diabetes Videos


Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer.  A 30 minute segment on living with life

after diabetes moves in.


Heading Back to school with Diabetes


Diabetes Advocacy

Are you a diabetes advocate? Join us
on Facebook and share your experiences, challenges and stories.

Diabetes Advocates


Diabetes Products and Apps

Please note that these are news articles only and are not purchased advertisements.


New App for people with Type 1 diabetes


Diabetes app uses Apple Healthkit data in realtime link to alert caregivers


Glucagon app now available for Android


Abbott Pharmaceuticals release new Dario glucometer in Canada


Insulet reveals new generation of Omni Pod Handheld


mySugr logbook 3.0 is now available.


FDA Approves Dexcom G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with Share


Medtronic launches next generation sensor augmented insulin pump


Meal Memory iPhone App from DexCom


Turning Silk into Diabetes Test Strips


Nightscout makes life for parents of children with diabetes a little easier with help from

Microsoft and Azure


Type 1 Diabetes Friend: Alcohol Guide

temporary tattoosVisual Medical tattoos offer cute tattoos to help your child rotate injection sites!

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Diabetes Events

Contact us to have your event added.

ConnecT1D Retreat is a 1-2 day program for adults and teens with type 1 diabetes. It takes place in downtown Seattle on June 25 and Bainbridge Island area on June 26. Many opportunities will be available to get to know each other better and have one-on-one or small group sessions with our two keynote speakers over the evening and second day. The purpose of the retreat is not fitness, or entertainment or diet or drugs and devices. The purpose is to end the isolation that many people with T1D feel, to introduce them to a community that understands their challenges, that can share what works or doesn’t work for them, suggest diabetes clinics, endocrinologists, CDE’s that have helped them along the way and might help someone else too. Another purpose of the Retreat is to inspire people with T1D to put away old myths they hold about T1D.  Our Keynote speakers, Joe Solowiejczyk and Kerri Sparling with be there side-by-side withy their new friends with T1D inspiring and being inspired.

Diabetes Dictionary 


Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring A way to measure blood glucose without having to prick the finger to obtain a blood sample.

For more terms, please go to our online diabetes dictionary.


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