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Insulin Pump News...




DreaMed Diabetes technology to be used by Medtronic Insulin Pump


Nova Scotia to cover insulin pumps for those up to age 25!


Insulin pumps need greater safety reviews according to ADA


Regulators ask you to check if using AccChek Spirit Insulin Pump


British Prime Minister backs JDRF’s call for more diabetes technology on the NHS




Interoperability standards published for diabetes devises.


Bionic Pancreas opens up new possibilities for Type 1 children


10 things to love about the Asante Snap Insulin Pump


BC expands pump coverage to 25!


Diabetic child spurns ENG prof's race for bionic pancreas


Artificial Pancreas approved by FDA for Type 1 diabetes patients




Artificial pancreas could be the cure for people with Type 1 diabetes


Alberta launches details on new insulin pump program


Insulin pumps should be covered by the province


Dix promises to extend insulin pump coverage to 25


N.S. to spend $5.3M annually to fund insulin pumps


Nova Scotia Insulin Pump program to begin in July


Insulin Pump Coverage for NS Children


Government Funds insulin pumps for Albertans


Tandem buys some of Cozmo's Patents




Diabetes Devices may be damaged by Airport Security Scanners


Province to pay for insulin pumps next year.


Redford says free insulin pumps could be coming “quite quickly.”


Manitoba invests in new pediatric insulin pump program


Artificial Pancreas Gives Girl a Vacation from Diabetes




Nova Scotia Won't fund insulin pumps


Experts Applaud Artificial Pancreas for Type-1 Diabetes Sufferers


Hacker Concerns Spur Medtronic to Probe Cybersecurity of Insulin Pumps


Roche Diabetes Care Celebrates Second Annual Infusion Site Awareness Week, Aug. 29-Sept. 4


Animas to host Canadian tour to inspire, entertain people living with Type 1 diabetes


Diabetic to lose her pump and sleep




Prototype of artificial pancreas holds promise for better management of type 1 diabetes

Improper use of insulin pumps worse than device defects


'Artificial Pancreas' a Step Nearer for Children With Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF and BD Collaborate to Improve Insulin Pump Delivery


Artificial Pancreas Could Revolutionize Treatment Of Type 1 Diabetes


NICE prescribes greater role for insulin pumps


SeaWorld Replaces Lost Insulin Pump For Local Boy


Flying on Insulin  You can also read about Steve Steele on our Faces of Diabetes page!


Scottish Parliament To Debate Insulin Pumps


Medtronic Announces Sales Milestone Of One Million Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensors Worldwide


Newfoundland and Labrador provides insulin pumps for kids; B.C. still refuses to do the same


Praise for the pump; Device a ‘welcome relief and answer to our prayers,’ says mother


Youths charged with stealing insulin pump from hockey dressing room


50,000 People Denied Insulin Pumps In The UK

Medtronic Insulin Pumps and MRIs. See also If You've Exposed Your Paradigm Pump to an MRI, You Need to Read This. (Note: no one should bring an insulin pump -- or anything with metal -- into an MRI room.




Insulin Pump Studies




Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion versus Multiple Daily Injections of Insulin: Economic Comparison in Adult and Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Australia.

Short acting insulin analogues for treating diabetic patients with CSII


Duke researchers find physician resistance hinders diabetics use of cutting edge technology




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