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The Mocking Meter

It was four in the morning. I had over slept. I had wanted to check my son by three.  I had increased his basal rate to deal with reoccurring highs but he had also been doing yard work that evening and I was not sure how things were going to go in the diabetes world. 

I stumbled into his room, made my way through the landmine of dirty socks, old t-shirts and the fan he has sitting on the floor. I found the meter, strips and even a lancing devise this time. He lost one the previous night. It has yet to be found but I am sure will surface one day when I least expect it!

I tested and found that he was high.  I cursed. I felt like there was no winning.  I then looked at the meter a little closer. In the top left hand part of the screen was a little text box. It was like the meter wanted to tell me something.  We are using a Verio IQ at the moment so I know that the meter did want to tell me something. 

It had noticed the pattern of highs that he has been having overnight. At four in the morning, when you are tired and frustrated because diabetes has once again messed you (and your child) up completely…(I mean he should have been low not high after an upped basal AND physical activity), the last thing you want to see is a know-it-all blood glucose meter telling you the obvious–Diabetes kicked your butt once again! 

Looking at that small little icon, I could hear the meter say “He is high. He has been high at night for some time.  You really should up his basal rate.  This can cause problems later. What is wrong with you? Why haven’t you done this already? Are you thick? I am giving you the icon.  Get with it won’t you!”

I cursed a little more and left the room. Maybe I will get it right tonight…maybe but probably not. 

The importance of time changes

As you know if you read my blog regularly,  we were recently on the west coast for a bit.  That means changing our bodies and our clocks back 4.5 hours.  Its a bit of a challenge for the first few days but my son’s teenage body can sleep until noon in any time zone!

The challenge for Mom was how to deal with his pump.  I have spoken to people before who do not bother to change their time on their pumps if they are not going to be away for very long. We were gone for about 10 days so I felt that a change was needed. I gave his body two days to adjust and then reset the time on  his pump. All seemed to work fine. 

When we came home I reminded my son to set his pump back to local time. He did as he was told and I thought nothing more of it…until we had a site issue.  

My son was high and he needed a site change.  As he dug out his supplies, I looked through his pump history. He hadn’t bolused since 6am!!??? What the?? Before I yelled, I realized that we ate supper at 6pm.  His pump was 12 hours off! That was a huge problem.  His highest basals were being delivered in the middle of the day rather than at night.  His insulin to carb ratios were completely off. There was no way he could possibly be in range with all of this out of whack!

I made the quick change and waited for everything to return to a more reasonable normal.  Its amazing how one little thing like am versus pm can make such a huge difference in your life! 

Time changes? Who invented them and why must they be so painful on all levels…especially when Diabetes lives with you.  

This is our “Where’s Waldo shot?”  Can you find the teen with diabetes in the trees?