Recipe for Humalog…not the insulin

After posting about the “Humalog” that I had hidden away from my son in the deep freeze, I was asked to post the recipe and carb count. Upon further investigation…well I have no clue as to how he counts the carbs in this! I believe we used to use a fudge carb factor.  In any case, I have figured out the carb count for the entire recipe.  Sorry, you will have to weigh the logs yourself to get a carb factor or divide by general piece size for a general carb value per piece because as yesterday’s post indicated, the logs in our house are disappearing very quickly and can no longer be accurately weighed.

So from our house to yours, Happy Holidays! and enjoy some “Humalog” with your Christmas dinner!

Chocolate Yule Log…AKA Humalog

1c icing sugar
8 oz colored miniature marshmallows
1/2c coconut
5 squares of semi sweet chocolate
1 egg
5 tbsp margarine.

  • Mix icing sugar, marshmallows and coconut in a large bowl.  Set aside.
  • In a double boiler, melt chocolate and margarine. 
  • Add egg to chocolate mixture and stir until thick.
  • Pour chocolate mixture over the marshmallow mixture.  Mix well.
  • Cut two long pieces of aluminum foil and sprinkle foil with extra coconut.
  • Divide chocolate mixture in two. 
  • Form two logs–one on each piece of foil.  Roll in the coconut or sprinkle on top after the logs are formed.
  • Roll up in the aluminum foil to hold the log shape and chill in refrigerator or freezer. Slice to serve.

498g of carbohydrates for recipe.  249g per log.

*walnuts can also be added to the marshmallow mixture

Humalog…a Christmas Treat?

“Mom, why do you keep the Humalog in the freezer?”

What? Humalog? We haven’t used Humalog in years.  “I keep your insulin in the fridge so that it lasts longer.”

“No! Not the insulin. The Humalog

“Do you mean the Yule log that I keep in the freezer so you won’t eat it all before Christmas?”

“Yeah! The Humalog! Its a real pain trying to cut it when its frozen.”

Oh my!

Baking with Barb

I love to cook. I enjoy baking and creating new meals for my family. I love to follow food blogs and to scan through recipes.

Since diabetes moved into our house and I have gotten a bit older, I find myself altering recipes on a regular basis.  It is now important that foods be lower in carbohydrates if possible.  With a history of heart disease in my family and my own heart issues, it is also important for foods to contain more fiber and less fat.  This has meant that many family favorite recipes have been changed over the years. I am certain that my grandmother would roll over in her grave if she knew what I had done to some of her amazing recipes but we are able to enjoy the wonderful tastes while being a bit more healthy.

I have found that some recipes allow me to completely substitute Splenda for sugar while others require the “real thing” but in a lower amount. I have recently tried the Splenda brown sugar blend which seemed to work well in some cookies. I have added flax and whole wheat flour to pizza dough. I have learned to substitute some or all of the margarine or oil in a recipe with apple sauce. Sometimes the recipes work and sometimes…well Grandma did know what she was talking about.
The other day, I took my creativity to a new level and came up with a new cookie that will be a Christmas staple.  We were eating chocolate chip cookies with colored chips and I had a stroke of genius…Candy Cane cookies! If you have done this already or have a similar recipe, please don’t tell me. Allow me the illusion of thinking that I came up with this first…again, at least in my mind.

I took out a cookie recipe that my boys and their friends have loved for years and began my tweaking. I put the creation in the oven and loved the taste that came out. The resulting cookies were approximately 10g of carbohydrates per cookie and really yummy if you like a peppermint holiday treat. (Sorry I haven’t figured out the carb factor yet because I ate too many of the cookies before I remembered to weigh them).  If you are interested, here is what happens when you go “baking with Barb”!

Barb’s Candy Cane Christmas Cookies

Cream together 3/4c margarine, 1/2c Spenda blended brown sugar, and 1/2c Splenda
Beat in 1 egg and 1 egg white/egg beater, and 2 tsp of vanilla
Combine 2 cups of flour, 1 tsp of baking soda, and 1 tsp of salt
Gradually blend.
Mix in 1/2c of crushed candy canes (approximately 20 miniature candy canes)
Drop by a teaspoon onto lightly greased cookie sheet.
Bake in oven preheated to 350F for 15-17 minutes.

Yield approximately 28 cookies
Recipe is approximately 284.75 g of carbohydrates.