Powered by Accuracy

Banner-DessiYou may have seen the ads…images of people like Dessi Zaharieva, Max Domi or James Coones and the caption “is Powered by Accuracy”.

You may have gotten the idea that these people are individuals with Type 1 diabetes who are using Bayer meters.

You would be right but this is not the usual meter campaign filled with superstars.  This is a campaign to showcase real people who are doing amazing things all while living with diabetes.

Max Domi is not exactly your average kid on the street.  He is an amazing young man who happens to live with diabetes and is headed to the NHL.  I also have heard that he is a very kind young man who takes time to share with other young children who are struggling to deal with diabetes.

Bayer isn’t just interested in his story however, they want to hear yours as well…and sharing it will help you to win FREE stuff.

Besides showcasing these people with diabetes who use their meters, Bayer is also running a contest that will last for a total of 12 weeks (they are at week 6 at the moment) with prizes drawn each week.  To enter you first simply provide your name and email address.  You of course have the option to continue to receive product information from them if you wish.

Because Bayer wants to showcase REAL people, they are giving you the chance to earn a second entry into the contest by sharing your story.  You can take the time to tell them about YOUR life with diabetes.  Prizes change each week and can be anything from Max Domi swag to Beats earphones to wireless speakers and more!

The Bayer Powered by Accuracy campaign has one other great feature…if you share their videos, they will donate to some of our favourite Canadian charities like The Diabetes Hope Foundation, Connected in Motion, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  All you have to do is click “share”  to share a video and these charities will receive a donation from Bayer!

Head over to www.poweredbyaccuracy.ca now to fill out your entry, share your story, and share a video so that you and some fabulous Canadian charities can enjoy some wonderful rewards!


Our Review of the Contour USB

At the pharmacy a few weeks ago, the woman behind the counter asked me if I had tried the Bayer Contour USB meter? We hadn’t. I wanted to ages ago but they were never free so we didn’t bother with it. She suggested that my son might be interested and to talk to him about it before we ordered our next stock of strips.

I took some information home for him to look at. It seemed strange to think of him as making the decision regarding his diabetes tools but he is growing up and has to like the tools he uses.  Not surprisingly, when I asked if he wanted to try a new “toy” he jumped at the idea.  We have been meter collectors for a number of years and are always searching for just the right one. His meter of choice has been the One Touch mini and he is eager to try out the new Verio but for the moment he was set to try the Contour USB.

Eventually I remembered to ask for the free meter when ordering our strips.  I brought the Contour USB home to him.  I never opened the box. I didn’t read the instructions. I just passed in onto him. He took the box to his room and emerged hours later.


“It looks pretty cool!”

A few days later, I took the meter to review the data. He was still using his One Touch at school but was playing with the Contour when he was home. I could not figure out how to turn the thing on let alone find the auto log.  My son, on the other hand, could easily get it to work and find whatever data he wanted.  I decided that I would try to see what was happening on the computer instead.

This weekend, I finally took the opportunity to try to use the meter myself.  It turns out that it is a lot easier to put in a strip and get it to work than it was for me to search its history!  This meter was easy, light weight and had great back lighting.  I was pretty impressed. As it was calculating, it asked me if I wanted it to note that is was “before a meal”, “after a meal” or “just a random test”.  It did not leave the screen until I made a choice but as I was deciding, it had already figured out his reading! It so neat! The reading was large and bright–perfect for a woman who rarely wears her glasses at 3am when testing.  The best part was that once I had seen the reading, I pulled out the test strip and it shut down!! No buttons to hold. Nothing! Just power down. 

I asked my son what he thought of the meter? He again said that he really likes it. I still find the strip container a little bulky and the strips are large despite the small amount of blood you use.  Despite that fact, so far it seems to be a pretty neat device! We will be downloading later today to see about getting the “full effect”. 

Its scary how little diabetes gadgets can add so much to our days!