No D Day…Just Me Day

I noticed a lot of blogs being posted on my news feed today were all stating the same thing…”No D Day”.  I wondered what was going on and finally clicked on a link.  It declared October 1, 2012 to be a when we would not post anything about the “D” word.  As Ginger Vieira aptly pointed out that we are most than just people who live with that unwanted “D” named house guest.  Her post was great as she pointed out many great facts about herself. 

I was really late getting started with this and my brain was overflowing after an incredible weekend that I will be telling you about later so I was stuck. What could I post about? I loved Ginger’s idea of little known facts about herself.  

I was driving to Dairy Queen thinking, I could mention my insane love of Dairy Queen ice cream cakes that should have led me far down the path of obesity. (Thankfully I rarely indulge myself in that treat any more…but yes, I was driving to Dairy Queen to pick one up to share of course!) That topic led me back to thoughts of the banished word so I decided that it would not be a good topic. 

I sat down to my computer and tried to think. I had a million things to get done, including this post but wait!! I had a Song Pop request! All had to wait. I had to see how much I could possibly embarrass myself.  

That was what I would post about!  I would admit to the fact that for some odd reason, I have been sucked into the Facebook game Song Pop.  It has even become a 2012 twisted version of game night in my family.  My sister, son and I sat in my father’s living room, all with laptop and headphones, competing against one another and flinging a few choice words across the room. 

I check Facebook on a regular basis…just in case someone has challenged me to a game or played a round and then I find myself so involved in “listening” to the song that I forget to press the button actually saying who is singing or what they are singing. As I recover my senses, I then find myself jumping the gun on the next song trying to make up my points and time.  I virtually always mess up in my haste and go “but I knew that! What was I thinking hitting that button?” 

It took me a bit to get the hang of the game. I didn’t realize that I could “shuffle” my play list choices before a game.  Sadly, when I learned this, I also did not realize that it would “cost” me each time I did this and was instantly out of “shuffles”.  That fact coupled with my poor win/lose record left me having to employ a new and slightly warped game strategy.  To get new “shuffles” you actually have to have beaten someone for a full week of games.  That could be two games or it could be twenty but it had to be over a week. This past week, my oldest son who seems to be a music expert on every category of every era of music was actually losing to his mother. I was up by one game and he was the only person I was beating. I waited to play my turn…and I waited until the Song Pop clock declared another week and I had one new shuffle available to me. 

So there we have it. A strange and sadly not overly interesting fact about me that does not involve the D word. I am addicted to Song Pop, a game that I am admittedly terrible at but nonetheless driven to play. 

How much is it?

Friday night I had to run out and on my way home I stopped into Dairy Queen.  We don’t often have ice-cream in the house and despite living near many fast food places, don’t often frequent them. Friday night we deserved a treat! 

I ordered three blizzards and headed home. I knew that I would be met by two happy young men.  I was right. I had chose the right flavors for each child.  The next thing was to figure out the carbs for my son. 

I asked him “How much do you think that is?” 

His friend instantly replied, “They cost a lot!”

I laughed to myself.  We were looking at the carb count and that was the furthest thing from this boy’s young mind. That was great!  

I smiled at my son and pulled out my phone to search for the carbs.  We established it was around 64 grams.  The other boy had now realized what we were talking about and was shocked to know that his ice-cream was so high in energy.  I know it didn’t diminish the flavor for any of us!

We all enjoyed our treat and it was refreshing to see a “diabetes free” perspective on a question my son and I ask each other numerous times each day.