Looking from a distance

Diabetes Blog Week
Today is Saturday’s snapshots. At first I was a bit troubled by this.  What does my life with diabetes look like these days? Well its different than even one year ago.  Should I show pictures of my son’s life? I decided that I shouldn’t.  My pictures would be of my life with diabetes…living with it at a distance.

Now when I find test strips at the bottom of my purse, I don’t swear and wonder how they got there, I think of my youngest son and smile instead.

My conversations are often done via text rather than in person…

IMG_1494But we still get a chance to spend time together and share care when we can.

Saturday Snapshots

The sadness in his face kills me even now
Testing anywhere you want to go!
My son thinks that this is a real bg reading!
Possibly the most terrifying pic of me ever but LOVE the people I am with!

Forced to attend a diabetes function but as long as there is a smart phone, he can listen to everyone’s stories once again!

Joe S. has a new Olympic sport…everyone test together!!

Diabetes Snap Shots for Diabetes Blog Week

Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week and the fun continues! Today the challenge was to share your diabetes snapshots. We have one or two….thousand I am sure! Here is a sampling of some of my favorites…

I hope you enjoyed our creative way of living with Type 1 diabetes!