Ode to a Needle

Diabetes Blog Week 
Day two of this year’s blog week asks that we create poetry. I have not done poetry since high school and sadly that was not yesterday.  I therefore cheated and enlisted the help of my children.
This is what we came up with…
syringeNeedles are wonderful
Needles are fine
They poke and jab and and puncture me,
But keep me alive.

Some folks thinks needles are scary;
With that I must agree
But the needles that I must use
Allow me to continue to laugh, and play and be this awesome person–me!

By Liam and Barb…and don’t worry folks, we will not be taking up poetry as a full-time thing

Diabetes Haiku

Today’s WEGO Health Writers Activists challenge is to write a health haiku.  I have done no poetry of any kind since high school…and that was not yesterday no matter what I tell people! I am sure my attempted haiku is written proof that poetry is not my strength…

Poking, testing, hurts.
Highs and lows, no end in sight.
Diabetes sucks.