High Urine…A D-Momma Rant

“Your A1c is good.  Your thyroid is fine. Your urine is high. Are you supposed to have a 24 hour urine collection done?” Our nurse asked us and both of us were unsure. 

I was still trying to process.  Did she say “your urine is high”?  High in what? That isn’t good. Nothing is supposed to be high. Why was she asking about the 24 hour test? She did say high urine didn’t she? 

My mind was reeling but I tried not to overly concern my son. He was less than worried. I was sure that there was not a problem but why did she say high? 

What was high? Isn’t that protein levels? Isn’t that bad.  Doesn’t that indicate kidney issues? 

We have been dealing with diabetes for over 12 years but my son is only 14.  There could not be a problem. I had to be over-reacting.

His A1c’s have always been great. There is no problem. It was just a fluke. 

My son said “Didn’t Grandma die of kidney failure?” 

Yes, but I explained that his previous doctor did not feel it was something for us to be concerned about. 

Crap! I have tweeted. I have gone to my trusty CWD parents list and I have chatted with my peeps on Facebook. I am doing my best to go, “yep, it showed up but that doesn’t mean anything.” (and people are telling me that it does not mean a lot. Even the worse case it is still very treatable with modern medication).

But…Crap I hate this disease! I hate the stress. I hate the fact that I even have to consider that this could be a problem. My son is not yet 15 years old. His kidneys should be lovely, not constantly warding off potential danger because of Type 1 diabetes. 

Okay, that is vented. I will get it out of my head and pray that they don’t call back looking for more urine either way. No matter what, at least we live in a time when doctors are able to be proactive about these things. 

New Mantra

Its that time of the year again…the time when I begin to stress because my son will be gone for two weeks and I will not be monitoring his care.  I thought this year would be better. He had been great about testing and bolusing. He still was terrible at changing sites but there was hope! Or so I thought…

I went through his meter the other day.  All of those times that I had asked him to test? He didn’t.  I didn’t scream. I didn’t explode. I did remind him that he was coming exceptionally close to losing privileged…like his beloved XBox but I was pretty calm on the outside. 

Inside I was a raving lunatic! Was he going to test at all while he was away? Would he care for himself at all when he had to? Will he ever get it? When will he understand that this is not about Mom harping on once again, its about his health and his LIFE!  

Not only are we days away from when my son will head off to spend time with his dad and family, but I am going away on vacation at the same time…to another continent! 

I have been given a once in a lifetime, all expense trip to Ireland for a week. Diabetes, worries, and children are not about to hold me back but…well I will still worry (in between stops at pubs, castles and walks through the countryside!) 

I have contacted my cell phone carrier and set up my phone for use while I am away.  I have some texting abilities and a few minutes of calling in case some one has died and they want to call me but have extended use of my Blackberry Messenger.  This will allow me to keep in touch with both children but trouble shoot more when it comes to my youngest son.  

I told my boys this news and my youngest son said that I really didn’t have to worry. When he goes away he tends to forget his phone more than he remembers it.  He heads out for the day and leave it behind in his shed. I really shouldn’t be concerned because he probably will not be around to get my messages.  That did not go over well! 

I suggested that he remember his phone. He answer my messages and most importantly…take care of himself while I am away! 

I will not worry.  I will relax and enjoy a new country.

I will not worry. I will relax and enjoy a new country.

I will not worry.  I will relax and enjoy a new country.

Yes this is my new mantra!  I know I will be fine. I know I will do my very best when my son comes home to focus on the fact that he enjoyed his time away.  I will bite my tongue when I look at his meter. I will smile and praise the things he did right. I will breath and look for a glass of the imported liquor for the times that he failed. Ideally, I will not be an alcoholic. I will be a proud momma who also had a great vacation!