Disability Tax Credit…What now?

Disability Tax Credit next steps for people with diabetesLast week, CRA decided to reverse its policy on adults living with Type 1 diabetes and the Disability Tax Credit. If you are in India here is the pan card application online, this is a unique card for taxpayers. This probably has many people wondering..what now?? Here are a few next steps for adults living with type 1.

If you have had your application rejected since May of 2017, CRA has said that they will be re-examining all denied claims for people living with type 1 diabetes.

This means that if you would have previously qualified for the DTC based on pre-May guidelines, your application status will be changed to approved.

If you haven’t made your application yet, you can now do so with some confidence of approval.

If you live with type 1 diabetes and are intensively managing your diabetes, then you could qualify.  As per before May 2017, you will have to show the time you spent.  That time will have to be more than 14 hours per week.  It cannot include time spent on exercise, carb counting or recovering from a low.

Follow the Disability Advisory’s Committee’s actions and calls for action.

The Disability Advisory Committee is made up of professionals and advocates.  They will be working to see the DTC fairly applied to all qualifying individuals.

If you are interested in seeing the credit properly reflect the needs of Canadians and more specifically, Canadians with type 1 diabetes, I would suggest that you follow the activities of this committee. They will be looking for submissions and information from Canadians.  Send in your letters and continue to help them inform Ottawa of why people with diabetes who intensively manage their diabetes qualify for this credit.

Keep the pressure on your MPs.

Make sure that your MP understands that the Liberal government’s recent actions surrounding the Disability Tax Credit are not acceptable.  Let them know that we do not appreciate being lied to.  Ensure that they understand what is involved in diabetes care on a daily basis.  Work to educate them on how people with type 1 diabetes spend over 14 hours on life sustaining therapy.

If you have any more questions or would like someone to review your application before submitting it to CRA for approval, I am always just an email away!

A 30 day free trial

I was recently going through my downloaded items and junking things out when I came across this picture.  The graphic is a little odd personally but the message is poignant.

In the days when I was more active with diabetes organizations, I remember hearing about a group that had got local celebrities to pretend to have diabetes for a day. Its something that I always wanted to recreate. I knew that if a person truly walked in our shoes that the perspective they would gain would be greater than any lecture or story we could tell them.  Look how much we have learned because we walk this road? 

Can you imagine getting a Health Minister to pretend that they lived with Type 1 diabetes for one month–a 30 day free trial of a life with diabetes? Can you imagine then asking them to do it on a minimum wage budget? Wouldn’t it be amazing if magically you could make them “feel” the experience of being high because they could not afford to use an extra needle that day? 

What if we asked an Education Minister to become a parent of a child with diabetes for one month? From day one they would be aware that the child’s life is completely in their hands.  They would be sleep deprived from night time testing, lows and corrections.  They would be even more acquainted with their cell phone and it would not just be a distraction. It would be a necessary evil to monitor their child when he/she was away from them.  

Can you imagine them having to inject a child? To learn about glucagon and have them fully grasp what it means to have to use that tool? 

Can you imagine them feeling the frustration of knowing that you weighed the food, you counted the carbs, you dosed the insulin and something still went wrong? 

Would they understand how vital choice is? Would they grasp why we need pumps, CGMs and coverage for all types of insulin? Would they understand the stress of sending a child to school and leaving their life in someone else’s hands? 

I would still love to do this. I can see it as a reality show.  These people would have cameras that would follow them. No set ups like some reality shows.  Real children with proper caregivers in the wings “just in case”.  For those who are asked to live with diabetes, there would be random notes or messages that would be sent when they tested or throughout the day.  During a meeting they would be distracted and high.  While playing with the kids at the end of the day, they would become low and have to sit things out for up to an hour while they eat and get their blood sugar back in range.  

I can envision this. I can see the impact. I can see the power it would have.  Now I just need the opportunity, the backing, the volunteers, and the cameras! Oh what an education we could give!