Why did I listen?

I could use some toothpicks to hold up my eyelids today.  First I tossed and turned in bed.  I finally fell asleep after one this morning and woke in a panic at 4am.  I wanted to test my son a little earlier than that but it was what it was. 

I dragged myself out of bed. Despite tweaks to his basal rate he was still running high. I wondered if it was a carb counting error because he simply eyeballs his cereal rather than weighing it.  Yes, he does normally get that right but still it bugs the control freak in me.  

I input the correction into his pump and waited.  Every night for the past two nights, the pump has complained of a blockage part way through the correction. Yes, that should have been a warning to me. I should have changed the site on one of those two times but his readings were pretty good at all other times.  

Foolishly, I mentioned the issue to my son and suggested that he may want to do a site change. He told me that it was all in my head. The site was fine. The reason for the alarm was that he was sleeping on his stomach when the correction was deliverying and that was causing the occlusion alarm.  

Why did that make sense to me? I have no idea.  I guess because its was a large dose of insulin versus the normal nightly basal delivery. For some reason I was okay with his reasoning…until the third time! 

Last night I once again waited. Once again I was not to be disappointed.  His pump swore that there was still a problem. I gave up.  A site change it was.  Four in the morning, weary but out came the supplies and up popped my son in his bed wondering what I was doing! I was relieving myself of further anxiety and stress. The site was moving! 

The correction worked perfectly in the new location and he swears that all is fine this morning.  I am still not sure why I bothered to listen to his logic the first time around but live and learn I guess! 

Muscle Mayhem

After 24 hours of nagging and the threat of using a butt site for the first time in his life, my son finally did a site change.  I was lining up the top of his little toosh but he was not having any of that! The arm that he couldn’t reach was to be the site of the day.

His reading a few hours later was a little higher than I would have liked but I attributed it a carb counting error.  I went to bed and around midnight I heard him get up to use the washroom.  Much to Larry’s amazement, my son never needs to get up during the night…unless he is high.  Alarm bells screamed in my head while my body craved the warmth of the of my blankets.  I forced myself to get up and waited for him in his room.

I asked him to test.  I heard him say that he was 13 (235).  Oh well, false alarm. As I headed out his bedroom door but paused and  I said again, “13.1 right?”

“No 30.4(547)”

WHAT THE #!@^??????

Suddenly I was awake.  Its time to put in a new site NOW

I stumbled around and found a site.  As I opened it up, we realized that the tubing was way too short for his other arm.  Crap.  I grabbed another site.  I prepared the new site and had another revelation…I should be using 30 degree sites on his arms.

As I mentioned before, my son enjoys lifting weights in his spare time. He is not into body building but his sweet little arms are slowly developing into the muscled limbs of a healthy young man.  Baby fat is giving way to muscle and that muscle is creating havoc with infusion sets! He hates the 30 degree sets. The insertion needle gives him the willies.  He has to use them on his stomach because there is too much muscle there but he still hates them. Sadly it seems that that’s the price you pay for being fit. I am sure he will think its worth it in the long run.