At Three in the Morning

At three in the morning, when you are dealing with a low blood sugar, its amazing what can go through your mind…well my mind at least.

I never panic with the first low.  I always say thank you that I woke when I did and attempt to wake up just enough to stay alert for at least the next half hour.  It would appear that awake “just enough”, leaves my brain in a very odd place.

As I began to feed my son glucose tablets in his sleep, I was transported back to a t-shirt my mom had once brought me back after a vacation to the interior of British Columbia.  Pictured on the front were two bears talking to each other as a bus load of tourist drove by.  One bear turns to the other and says “Look Marty, vending machine!”.  As I continued to put tablets in my son’s mouth I thought, “Yep, feeding him is just like putting coins in a vending machine!”  Not quite what the bears were referring to but it all worked in my sleep deprived mind.

By tablet four I had a new thought swirling around in my muddled grey matter.  Now the Juicy Fruit gum theme song was playing.  All I could think of was “Pop in it your mouth…Juicy Fruit its gonna move ya.” Glucose tabs, their gonna move ya?  It worked for me. This could be a new commercial!  The music continued as I read my book while waiting to retest. 

I began to wonder, do all parents have such odd thoughts at three in the morning or is it just me? Who knows but we have to have something to amuse us and keep us semi alert during these times.