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Diabetes Advocacy has reaches over 6200 people living with Type 1 diabetes throughout Canada and the world each month. Traffic through the website, blog, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, continue to grow each month. 

Our editorial content is not influenced by the funding sources. Our website hosts Google sponsored ads and links. We do not control the Google ads’ content.

Advertising Policy for Diabetes Advocacy

We accept advertisements or paid promotional links for products and services that we deem to be of interest to our viewers and which are in keeping with our editorial policy of patient empowerment, sound science, and medical accuracy. The Diabetes Advocacy website hosts advertisement banners and sponsored links.  These are distinguished by the words "advertisement" or "sponsors". 

Editorial Independence
Advertisers are not permitted to influence the editorial content of the web site.

Sponsorship is a long-term financial commitment to support a selected area of the web site. Sponsorship is noted via a banner image at the top of the sponsored pages. Sponsorship contracts run a minimum of six months to a maximum of one year.  The minimum price for sponsorship is CAD$75 per month per section. The actual price will be determined by the nature of and traffic volume in the section.

Banner Ads
Banner ads can appear at the top of pages. Banner ads must be standard size (675x125 or 468 x 60), Flash, GIF or JPEG images. Maximum ad size is 50 KBytes. Animated GIF images are permitted. The minimum cost for a banner ad is $100CAD per month per section and can be purchased on a month by month basis.

Side Placement Ads
Side Ads can run on the left side of all pages.  They must be a standard size of 200x200, Flash, GIF or JPEG images.  Maximum ad size is 50 KBytes.  Animated GIF images are permitted. The minimum price for a side placement ad is $50CAD per month per section and can be purchased on a month by month basis.

Delivery of Ads
All ads are delivered using our in-house advertising engine which does not record any user-specific information about which ads are delivered to whom. Ads are also delivered without browser cookies. We do this to protect the privacy and anonymity of our readers, in keeping with our privacy policy.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertisers may book ads by:

Home Page
Our Home Page ads offer premium advertising space on the top of the home page and is priced at $100CAD per month. Only one advertiser for a particular product category will be permitted. Ads placed elsewhere on the home page that are not in the same product category as the top banner ad are priced at $50CAD per month.

Exclusive Placement
Your ad will appear on a specifically targeted page such as the "CGMS" or "Tattoos" sections. Exclusive ads carry a price of $75CAD per month for a maximum of two ads that will be rotated in a section with a minimum commitment of three months. Shorter term ads can be placed for a cost of $125CAD per month subject to editorial approval.

Home page Plus Placement 
Your ad will appear on our home page and two other high traffic pages with a three month minimum commitment at the cost of $150CAD per month.  Again, you ad cannot be in the same product category as an ad already placed on any of these pages.

General Placement
Your sidebar ad will rotate throughout the site on pages that do not have sponsorships or targeted ads.  All pricing is on a flat rate of $30CAD per month.

Pricing: All prices listed are net. Prices are subject to change without notice. We do not offer discounts for advertising agencies. We do not deduct advertising agency commissions from our prices. Ad agencies are responsible for the full prices listed here and should add their fee to our prices before presenting a proposal to their client. Pricing for advertising placement may change without notice. Payment must be made in advance of ad delivery. Payment can be made via check or via PayPal for safe and secure credit card transactions.

Artwork Art and link information must be provided at the time of placement.

Ads can be no larger than 50 KBytes.

As a matter of policy, we do not accept advertising for nutritional supplements of any kind or for medical products which lack peer reviewed scientific support. We do not accept advertising for any product sold through multi-level marketing programs or from sales affiliates.

Advertising and Sponsor Inquiry Form

Please cut and paste the following details and send to advocacy@diabetesadvocacy.com
I am most interested in: Exclusive placement of ads, general placement of ads, Other.
Describe the product or service you wish to advertise:

We reserve the exclusive right to decline ads and sponsors that are inconsistent with the editorial policy of the web site.