Blood Evidence

It had to happen.  Its my fear every time we travel. I don’t worry about it when we are at my mom’s or in a hotel (actually I do worry about it in a hotel too. I worry that they think that a murder took place in our room and that they will send the police after us later.) I worry everywhere else. 

This past weekend just shows why.  We were at Larry’s brother’s house and I got a text on the back deck from my youngest son. They have a beautiful home but really there was no need to text me from one room to another. I knew by the ring tone exactly who it was and I said “he had better be dying.”

The text read “I am wounded”. I headed to see how wounded he really was.

When I got to my son’s room, he showed me the site in his arm. It was soaked in blood. He was wounded. I took him in the bathroom where we changed the site and tried to stop the gusher from doing any damage to his clothes.  Eventually it stopped and all was fine. We were both glad he had seen it before it made a mess in the bed clothes! 

As I returned to the deck, I explained what had happened and how he was worried that he would spill blood all over their bedding. Larry’s sister in law was not the least bit concerned but I knew that I would still have been mortified if we had left blood stains on her stuff. 

We continued to have a great weekend. The weather was wonderful and we spent most of our time on quads enjoying the scenery.  Monday arrived quickly and it was time to return home.  There was work to be and play time was over. 

I helped my son to tidy up his bed and get his stuff together. That’s when we saw it…the blood stain on the sheet. We were not as lucky as we had thought. His site had bled before he noticed and had soaked through its bandaging.  

Blood and test strips! No doubt diabetes was here!

I took the sheet off and made sure that she was aware that there was a spot that needed to be treated. 

On the upside, she knew I didn’t murder anyone in the room but still….I hate leaving blood evidence of our visits behind in people’s homes. 

CSI and my car

Yesterday was a truly beautiful day. I enjoyed a lovely brunch, had a walk along the beach with Larry and then came home to clean vehicles. Okay the last part is not exactly my ideal topper to a relaxing Sunday but the vehicles were in dire need of soap and it was a beautiful day (unlike the many days of rain and cold we had been having). 

HIs truck was cleaned, polished and squeaky clean.  Next came my car…I am hoping it will still start and not be in a state of shock because it is clean and waxed with its tires gleaming. Its not that I never clean my car but I don’t tend to detail it the way it was done yesterday. 

As we were cleaning here and there, getting at every nook and crannie, I began to laugh.  Its amazing how times have changed but somethings have remained the same.  Over the years, my cars tend to build up with large amounts of blood droplets.  I always wonder what someone would think if they looked into my car without knowing about its passengers.  

We have handsanitizer for tests on the go.  There are test strips hidden in places that I didn’t know existed. There is enough glucose to keep a family of four fed for a week.  My car has blood on the seat belts where my son kindly will wipe his hands after testing.

Its all of the blood that makes me laugh.  I think of those purple lights that you see on tv.  Can you imagine if they were to shine one of those things on my car? I tend to wash off a lot of the blood but that stuff supposedly shows the blood that has been cleaned.  My car would light up in the backseat and passenger seat. They would think that I was transporting mutilated bodies or something! 

Ah the parts of living with diabetes that can make you smile!