Diabetes finds Pintrest

Pinboard…create a pintrest board for your health issue.
Those who know me, know that this is by far the easiest challenge for me thus far. I am addicted to Pintrest. I love the images, the recipes, the ideas. I even have a board already created for this! Here are a couple of samples…

Pump it up!  I just love this image! I have no idea how to credit it original poster but it is just so cute and fits with our lives.

Again, if you live with diabetes you have to appreciate the humour in this one too! Thank you Diabetes Mine for posting it!

Carol Cramer created Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes Jun 1, 1996 for her son, Brian, and all the children and their families throughout the world to provide a message of hope, care, understanding, education, knowing you are not alone.
My third “pin” is of course, Rufus the Bear with Diabetes.  I love Rufus and Ruby! I love what they have offered children with diabetes.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with Carol Cramer, the creator of these bears, and she is a most amazing woman. 

There will be more pins but I will keep them to the Pintrest site…maybe!