New Age, New Worries


I hate to think about it.

I can feel my stomach start to churn.

This isn’t right.

My son is 19.  He has stumbled along, trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life.  It has been a challenge but he is meeting it.  Slowly he is  making his way.

Unlike his brother who finished high school and instantly knew what he wanted to do in terms of a career, my youngest son has been a bit more uncertain.  He has applied for a variety of trades but finding the right fit isn’t easy.

He needs a job with great benefits. He wants something that will interest him.  He needs to be employable in a slumping economy.  It can be a challenge for any young person.

He isn’t just any young person however.  He is a young person with diabetes and  diabetes doesn’t care that he doesn’t know what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

Diabetes doesn’t care that he may soon be removed from his parent’s insurance plan.

Diabetes doesn’t care that he doesn’t have a job with insurance.

Diabetes doesn’t care that his provincial drug plan offers very little assistance.

Diabetes demands that he check bg levels multiple times per day.  He still must find insulin to use daily. He is required  to make appointments and order insulin pump supplies. Diabetes doesn’t care how he does any of these things but if he wants to live, he has to find a way.

He is just 19.  He should be concerned with going to school. He should be concerned with finding a career path.  He shouldn’t be concerned with health care costs.

The reality is that those are things that he has to be concerned with however.  He is still in school but will insurance still recognize this? I am not sure.

There is some help for pump supplies in our province but because of some of his own mis-steps, his coverage has lapsed. Together we will work on getting him back in the program but it will take time.

There is a provincial drug plan.  They  allow you a set number of test strips for the year but some strips covered will be better than none when the time comes.

Some days the reality of life with an expensive illness…well its overwhelming despite the fact that I am not  the person who has to test or inject daily.  He understands that it will be expensive.  This is his life. It has been for loner than he can remember. It still makes my heart ache. I still wish that I could take it away.

I can’t. We will do our best and that will be fine.

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  1. I know how you feel! I’ve a type 1 Diabetic for 37 years and I just got a insulin pump 10 months ago should of got one years ago. I am a advocate for the Canadian Diabetes Association in Winnipeg Manitoba. I decided to have a fundraiser event called Let
    ‘s Get pump Social November 12 2016 at the centreTransCanada Centre in Ile-Des-Chenes Manitoba , focused on assisting the Canadian Diabetes Association to help raise awareness with the Manitoba Government Assembly to have Insulin Pumps and supplies coverage for all individuals affected by Diabetes in the province please attend so we can raise funds to get to the government to help us take of ourself with the right tools so we Diabetics can stay away fr complication like I have stage 5 Kidney Disease and nerve damage not a good outlook I doing this just not for me but everyone else who has Diabetes!!pass the word regarding Fundraiser event

      1. Why not lobby your federal representatives as well? We need a national pharmacare programme even though Limo Lizzie aka Federal health Minister Philpott (a medical doctor no less) says we don’t. I hate the thought that NL CANADIANS are treated far worse than CANADIANS in Ontario. It broke my heart to read about the plight of that young woman in Gander who had to raise funds from GoFundme for her pump + cgms. We should in Canada all have good access to healthcare and that means good access to the equipment that keeps us alive. I gotta admit it’s practically a full time job keeping on top of research reports and getting receipts in to our insurance co. and the government. I don’t know how a young man of 19 manages at all. Can you do some of the paperwork for him? Also, get the CDA-NL division hopping on this stuff. NL has the highest t1d rate in the world. The Government should be held to account or . . unelected.

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