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Please remember all changes in insulin regimens must be discussed with your diabetes team first!!!  Below is information to assist you in being more informed when speaking with them.


Blood Glucose Testing

You can test your blood glucose levels by lancing the tips of the fingers, as well as Alternate Site Testing (AST) on such places as the sides of the hands, the forearm and the leg.  When in doubt or if a low is suspected always use the finger tip for most reliable results.  While most people do not find a time lag when using AST, current research recommends that lows be monitored through finger testing. 

Why is it important to test?

In order to properly control your diabetes, it is important to know what you blood glucose levels are.  Too high or too low can lead to disastrous complications.

When to test?

This depends on if you have Type 1 Diabetes or not and how active you are. Current Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice guidelines suggest 6 times per day.  Many doctors suggest testing before each meal, before, after and during strenuous  physical activity, and before bed.  It may also be preferable to test at least once throughout the night to ensure that night-time basal insulins are working properly. Please consult with your diabetes team to see how often you should test your blood glucose levels. 
Please remember that the above information is simply a guideline and in no way replaces medical advise.  Please speak with your doctor or diabetes care professional to determine what blood glucose levels are optimal for your care.  The above guidelines are based on the Canadian Diabetes Association's 2003 Clinical Practice Guidelines



Glucometers come in all shapes and sizes. Check out our new reviews and opinions on the latest meters...
Do you have a favorite meter? Please let us know what it is and why.

Here is the JD Power 2015 review of glucometers

Accu-Chek Aviva Comes with six lancets in a preloaded drum. Gives results in 5 seconds and provides up to 4 test reminders throughout the day. Wide, easy to handle strips require sample size of only .6 µL of blood.


 AccuChek Nano

AccuChek NanoThis cute new meter from AccuChek is big in features. Its large screen and great backlighting make it great to see readings whether you have vision problems or are just trying to read your meter in the dark.  It has large, easy to handle test strips which require a surprisingly small amount of blood.  The test strips quickly suck up blood and begins its 5 second count down.  The only drawback that we see with this meter is that AccuChek continues to rely on coding chips with each new box of test strips.  These "chips" must be inserted and matched with each new box of test strips. This does reduce coding errors but we always remain cautious and fearful of losing that chip before you have put it in the meter.  The Nano also has some interesting looking software that allows meter readings (which you can mark as pre-meal, post-meal, and general test) to be downloaded to your computer Our rating....****

Ascensia® CONTOUR™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System requires no coding of strips. Uses .6 µL blood  sample. Results in 15 seconds. Can be used to do AST. It has no backlight.

Ascensia™ BREEZE™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System uses 10 strip Autodisk.  Auto codes each disk for easy use. Uses 2.5 to 3.5 µL blood  sample.

bg monitorContour USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System.  Has plug and play technology with logging markers.  Holds over 2000 results. Battery charges on your computer.
See our blog review.

dario The Dario Diabetes Management Solution, a compact all-in-one system that helps people with diabetes monitor blood sugar levels and proactively manage their disease using their smartphone or tablet.   Approved by Health Canada, Dario connects via headphone jack to turn a mobile device into a glucose monitor, and comes equipped with a lancing device and test strips to take blood samples on the spot. It provides the diabetes patient’s real-time and historical blood glucose data to spot patterns, recommend treatments and support behavior changes. Its web interface also makes it easy to get upgrades and share health information with healthcare providers and loved ones.

FreeStyle Lite Meter Many of the same great features seen on the FreeStyle Mini but the new lite meter does not require coding! Same small sample size, same 5 second reading, as well as backlight, test strip lighting, and AST testing.
Our rating....*****

FreeStyle Mini can be used for Alternate Site Testing (AST) Our rating....****


iBGStar® - Diabetes management on-the-goiBgStar Blood Glucose Meter. Works with your iPod or iPhone.  Uses .5 microliter sample size.  Test results in 6 seconds. Now available in the Canada and the US!  Sanofi US offers iBGStar® at a competitive price comparable to other available BGMs. Pricing may vary based on retailer and package inclusions, such as the number of  BGStar® Blood Glucose Test Strips, and most iBGStar monitoring systems cost approximately $75 - $99. iBGStar and BGStar Blood Glucose Test Strips are available at all Walgreens stores nationwide and online at Walgreens.com and through Diabetic Care Services.   When purchased through Walgreens or Diabetic Care Services, the iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitoring System includes a starter package of 10 strips. Through Apple, 50 strips are included in the package since strips are not sold separately there.   Individuals should check with their insurance carrier to get specific coverage information for iBGStar and BGStar® Blood Glucose Test Strips. Additionally, we offer a Star Savings program, which helps to limit out of pocket expenses for BGStar® Blood Glucose Test Strips. Visit mystarsavings.com for more information.   In Canada, iBGStar costs $64.99 and can be purchased online at STARsystem.sanofi.ca.


Ultra MiniOne Touch Ultra Mini This compact little meter comes in a variety of colors including grey, pink, green and black! It uses small Ultra strips that suck up minimal blood and provide quick results. This meter has no backlight but does offer an AST cap for its lancing devise.  Our rating....**** 

OneTouch® Ultra®2 It uses end-fill test strips that are very easy to fill and take only 1 microliter of blood. The strip is is touchable and is approved for alternative sites.  Besides now offering 3 easy to use buttons, the OneTouch Ultra2 has the ability to mark a reading as pre-meal or post-meal to help you learn about the effects of various foods on blood glucose levels.

meterOne Touch Verio IQ  alerts you to trends in your blood glucose test results.


Precision Xtra ™  uses .7microliter of blood.  It provides blood glucose results in five seconds.  This new Precision is much smaller and with an improved lancing device and smaller carrying case.  The ketone strips remain the same in sample size and result time.  Ketone testing through blood is more accurate than urine tests and should be used when ill or hyperglycemic.

Important information on Ketone Testing

Two recent studies (February 2006) demonstrate clear medical benefit from blood ketone testing. The first study (Diabetic Medicine 23 (3),
278-284) showed a significant reduction in hospitalizations during sick days (38 vs. 75 per 100 patient days) for people who used blood ketone testing compared with urine ketones testing. Staying out of the hospital is a very powerful argument for using blood ketone testing. The second study (Diabetes Technol Ther. 2006 Feb;8(1):67-75) showed that, for patients using insulin pumps, blood ketone testing could identify interruptions in insulin flow faster and more accurately than even blood glucose monitoring and could thus help pumpers prevent DKA better than if they didn't use blood ketone testing.  From Jeff Hitchcock, www.childrenwithdiabetes.com   See their Care Suggestions page for more information.

Meter Fun!


carrying cases Myabetic creates and develops innovative, appealing, and functional products that encourage active health management for people living with diabetes. Our diabetes accessories are designed specifically to reflect your individual style.  It's your health.  Personalize your treatment.”


Skins can often be found to make meters and pumps a little more fun and personal.

FreeStyle Mini Meter Skins




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