Graduation + Diabetes + Long Distance=DMomma Stress

Hair done? Shaved?

Hair done. Not shaving.

Don’t forget that I want pictures!

Will do.

Insulin full? Site good? Meter in your pocket? Got a cough drop in case you go low?

Yep, but I forgot the cough drop.

That is part of the conversation between my son and I as he prepared to attend his girlfriend’s grad.  As he was getting ready, I could picture things like a site failure during her procession.  I could imagine him not having enough insulin and sitting at their meal wondering what he would do. I could see him dropping low after hours of dancing and festivities.  I wondered about the alcohol and events that would occur after the ceremony. How would he handle all of it?

Mom’s worry.  That seems to be their job.  grad dance

Son’s on the other hand? Well, in my case, he allows his mother to carry the worry load.  When asked if he had some glucose to take with him, he replied, “I’ll grab a cough drop.”  Hence the cough drop reference in our conversation.

I asked about alcohol.  I got “I can handle it.”  I worried.  I do not condone underage drinking but I am not a fool. I know that it can and will happen. I have talked to my son about it. I am sure that his team has as well. I have shared great posts like this from Diabetes Mine.  He says that he has it covered. I have to believe him.

He made it through her graduation ceremony and the after party.  He claimed  no ill effects.  He did not attend his own graduation ceremony but did manage to show up for a few group photos (minus any suit).  Just as important…Mom survived as well.

grad photo




One thought on “Graduation + Diabetes + Long Distance=DMomma Stress”

  1. I guess at some point you just let go. My dh went out tonight to a cruise. A bunch of old geezers show off their refurbished cars at the A & W lot and talk about old times. My dh left a bit high, but with appropriate bolussing and I went to bed, exhausted. He came back 3 h. later with 8.0 or nearly perfect bg for driving and for going low after 8 pm which he does frequently. By the sensor he’d been at 8.0 for a while. I guess you have to hope the t1d can manage this . . . somehow. I must say I’m happier when my dh goes out with a full tum-tum and a slightly high bg. When’s he’s low, it’s hard to bolus and think all will go well while he’s gone. Can the girlfriend not be a kind of aide-de-camp for your son? Or are they not that close? I think women are more health conscious and more detail oriented even when that young.

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