How much do you figure I should bolus?

The other night I received this picture from my son.

My arteries :o

After my arteries recovered from the shock of seeing all of that fat, I turned to the question that my son had sent.

“How much do you figure I should bolus for the fish cakes?”

How high were you before you started?

“Oh, I have that covered.”

Did you pre-bolus the burger and fries and extend the bolus as well?

“Yep! Gotter dun. What are you thinking on the fish cakes?”

They are massive! That is a lot of potato in each cake.


We continue to discuss what we felt constituted a proper bolus for the fish cakes.  My thought was there looked to be about 1.5 cups of potato per cake so he would want to bolus a minimum of 90g CHO for the pair.  He agreed.

I can’t tell you if we guessed correctly or how he managed with the extended bolus for the rest of the “meal”.  Finishing year-end English assignments required to pass grade 12 were much more important.  Its kind of nice when we can put diabetes in the back seat to regular life for a change!

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