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diabetes advocacy

Diabetes Advocacy is dedicated to advocacy, awareness and education. We promote the physical, financial and emotional well-being of people living with diabetes.  We also work closely with groups and individuals to advocate for fair and equal access to devices, programs and funding for everyone living with diabetes regardless of age, income or geographic location.



Advocacy Coaching

Are you working to make changes in your community? I have spent many years working as an advocate and now would love to share techniques, ideas, and things that work with you. Join our Facebook group to share advocacy techniques or contact me for private, individual or group sessions.

Life coaching

Are you having difficulty coming to terms with life with diabetes?
Do you need some assistance getting back on track? Life coaching
might be an option.  
Message us to learn more.

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diabetes tattooPlease visit our tattoo page to see our amazing gallery of diabetes-related advocacy and medical tattoos.

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explore Diabetes AdvocacyWith a completely new look, every page needs to be featured! Watch for new and improved pages in the coming months or simply spend time looking through our hundreds of pages of information on your own!

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